Washington: Substitute Versions of Gun Control Bills to Be Heard

Last night, anti-gun legislators introduced substitute bills for Senate Bill 5444 and Senate Bill 5463. These substituted versions will replace the original bills that are scheduled for a public hearing on Monday, January 15th. NRA remains opposed to this anti-gun legislation and needs your help to stop it. Please contact members of the Senate Law & Justice Committee and continue urging them to OPPOSE all gun control legislation that is being heard on Monday! …read more      

Washington: Gun Control Bill Scheduled for Vote in House Judiciary

Next Thursday, January 18th, House Bill 1122 is scheduled for a vote in the House Judiciary Committee. Introduced by Representative Ruth Kagi (D-34) in 2017, HB 1122 received a public hearing last year and a substitute version of the bill was moved out of the House Judiciary Committee. Thanks to NRA members’ and Second Amendment supporters’ continued contact with state legislators, HB 1122 never received a floor vote and was returned to committee for the 2018 session. The House Judiciary Committee is once again considering the bill and has scheduled HB 1122 for a committee vote next Thursday. …read more      

Virginia: Gun Control Tops New Governor’s Agenda

This week, Virginia Governor McAuliffe and Governor-Elect Ralph Northam outlined their top priorities for the upcoming legislative session, and highlighted expanded background checks for all firearm sales and other transfers (so-called “universal” background checks) as a key measure the new governor will be pursuing upon taking office. …read more